COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Sharpsburg Pharmacy has been preparing since November to provide COVID vaccines to our community.  We received a small allocation of vaccine from the Maryland Department of Health and will be opening up our scheduling app soon.  To make sure we can continue to meet your other pharmacy needs, staff at the store will not be able to make appointments for you over the phone or in person.  The appointment scheduler will go live on our Facebook page the afternoon of 3/20/21 and allow you to make an appointment.  It will also be posted here once our web development team gets in on Monday morning.  I would highly recommend accessing it through Facebook as soon as you can.  Please refrain from calling to ask our pharmacy staff directly for updates about COVID vaccines as it limits our capability to meet your other pharmacy needs.  As always we are focused on the health of our patients and our community.  Please continue to wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands frequently.